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Hearing Loops For Businesses
How Can I Make My Business More Accessible?

The Better Hearing Institute estimates that the number of hearing impaired people in the US is 31.5 million and growing. That means almost one out of every 10 persons living in the US has some degree of hearing loss. People with hearing loss may not be able to fully experience meetings, movies, parties, theatrical performances, religious services or the services that your business offers.

Improving access for people who are hard of hearing to your business or service will make for much happier customers. That can only benefit you.

Fox Valley Hearing Loop wants to help you capture this large and growing market. Ask us how.

What Business Needs A Hearing Loop System?

  • Seminar/Meeting Rooms
  • Lecture Theatres/Auditoria
  • Theatres/Concert Halls
  • Cinemas
  • Banks Drive Up windows
  • TV lounges in retirement communities, nursing homes & hospitals
  • Tour buses that utilize PA systems for announcements or movies
  • City Council Chambers
  • City Court Rooms

Hearing Loops use the signal from existing PA systems. If your business or meeting room uses a microphone to communicate with your employees or customers, an induction loop will significantly improve the signal for users of hearing aids.

It should be noted that Induction loop systems can be configured to reduce spillover into surrounding areas outside of the looped area. Confidentiality is not an issue if the induction loop system is properly designed and installed.

Paragon Bank
Holland, Michigan