Hearing Loops In Your Home: TV or Computer Room

Hearing loops can be easily installed in your TV room, living room or bedroom. TV will sound clearer without having to turn the volume up. Hear TV broadcast from your own hearing aids, that are now wirelessly connected to receive the audio from the TV.

For a handout on how to install a hearing loop in your TV or Computer room: Click here

For a handout on how to use neckloops with your hearing aids for listening to TV, (cell)phone or in a restaurant or car by consumer advocate Stephen Frazier Click here

Email us for information on how to get the most from your hearing aids in your TV room. Most hearing loop users are surprised to find out how easy it is to install one in their home and they rave about the clarity and improved TV understanding.

“I now have three rooms in my home that are equipped with loop systems and it is very gratifying to adequately hear and understand the news, sportscasts and movies once again.”
John Procknow, MD (retired)
Oshkosh, WI January 2009
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