FVHL at this time will no longer be offering hearing loop installation services. We continue to be available for technical loop support for the hearing loops we installed, local hearing loop dedications and other services listed below.

There are two reasons why we will discontinue hearing loop installation services.

(1)We have accomplished our mission to inspire AV specialists and other professionals in the state to include hearing loop installations in the services they provide. For a list of hearing loop installers Click here. ).

(2)The other reason is my recent appointment as the HLAA National Hearing Loop Advocate. In this capacity I will travel around the country and work to increase awareness about hearing loss, the effects of aging on our ability to hear and the use of hearing loops to improve hearing accessibility. Click here
  • IEC Standard Certification of your hearing loop

  • Consulting regarding proposed loop design & engineering by outside installers

  • Home hearing loop installation recommendations

  • Audiology support for hearing aid users

  • Consulting services and review of your hearing loop needs

  • Public Speaking engagements
For a brochure about “Why to get a T-coil?”
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