What is a Hearing Loop And How Does It Work?

A hearing loop, also known as an Induction or Audio Loop, provides a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to ‘T’ (Telecoil) setting.

The loop system consists of a microphone to pick up the spoken word; an amplifier which processes the signal which is then sent through the final piece; the induction loop, a wire placed around the perimeter of a room or sanctuary to act as an antenna that radiates the magnetic signal to the hearing aid.

When a hearing aid user selects the ‘T’ setting; he or she can pick up the sounds spoken into the PA system’s microphone instead of the hearing aid’s internal microphone. This results in improved speech understanding because the listener receives a clear signal without any background noise.

In Europe thousands of hearing loops are in use, including one at Westminster Abbey

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