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How Can We Promote Hearing Loops?

“Yes, I have experienced these loops in hotel seminar and a church – they are wonderful. Wish they had them when I was in school – in college it was a real pickle to try to hear anything in the big lecture halls – basically I heard nothing – got by reading the books. Also would be nice if they were in movie theaters – I don’t go to them anymore – can’t understand it. The world would certainly be a better place for me if these were like all over.” C.H. Oshkosh, WI

1. Increase public awareness:

It is up to audiologists and the users of hearing instruments to make others aware that hearing loops are out there and that they can greatly improve the lives of listeners who are hearing impaired. Clergy, church administrators, movie theater management, owners of banquet facilities, retirement homes to name a few, all need to know that most users of hearing aids can benefit from hearing loops and that they are by far the preferred assistive listening system that is out there today and hearing aid users want them installed.

2. If you have benefitted from a hearing loop in the past– ask for them in places where you have difficulty hearing:

It is our opinion that nothing will change unless you, the person who is having difficulty hearing, stands up, complains and explains when they are having a problem. Do not “get by” or think that nothing can be done if you have difficulty hearing in a public place. If a microphone is used in this particular place but the acoustics are poor a hearing loop may be of great help to you. To get to this “Brave New Looped World” or a Fox Valley where hearing loops are common, people have to learn to speak up when there is a problem. Print the text of the card below and carry it in your pocket. Give it to those businesses where you have problems hearing. Feel free to refer business owners to us for further information. The Card This card is in the size of a business card, when folded twice. Cut off the excess paper on the bottom of the sheet.

3. Report problems with any hearing loop to us

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