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Loop New Mexicohttp://www.hlaabq.com/LoopNM.html 
Let’s Loop America (article from the HLAA magazine)http://www.hearingloop.org/MyerSepOct08AudioLoopHLM.pdf 
www.agbell.orghttp://www.agbell.orgAlexander Graham Bell organization for the deaf and hard of hearing
www.neurotone.comhttp://www.neurotone.comHome computer auditory training. Learn to listen better with your hearing instruments
www.amphl.orghttp://www.amphl.orgThe organization for professionals with hearing loss
www.hearingloss.orghttp://www.hearingloss.orgHearing Loss Association of America or HLAA, formerly SHHH)
www.hearingloop.orghttp://www.hearingloop.orgWebsite from David Myers about hearing loops