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Business/PersonCityStateDate (June 2008)Testimonial  
All Saints Episcopal ChurchAppletonWIMarch 2009Dear Juliette, Max, Father Patrick, and Holly, Thank you all so much for helping make this hearing loop a reality for All Saints Episcopal Church in Appleton. This morning during the 10 a.m. service I was thrilled beyond imagination when I turned on my Telecoil sound and heard with such wonderful clarity the spoken word. Churches and many other large meeting areas invariably have so much background noise that even the best of hearing aids won’t help unless the meeting room has a hearing loop installed and one is able to turn on a Telecoil. Now our church members, those of us who have only partially heard The Word of God, will think of you who helped make this project a reality. Hearing and understanding is so so wonderful. Thank you so much, Douglas H. Grant M.D.
Algoma Blvd UMCOshkoshWIMarch 2009I have attended the first worship services at Algoma Blvd UMC since the hearing loop has been installed. For me, it’s GREAT! I can hear everything perfectly. Thank you. Rev. Merlin Hoeft
Rev. Merlin Hoeft Evergreen Retirement CommunityWIMarch 2009I attended the service in the chapel at Evergreen, I sat near the fire place and I was able to hear every word!
Ken CookOshkoshWIFebruary 2009My church recently installed a hearing loop which literally surrounds the sanctuary with sound. Heretofore, hearing impaired churchgoers were limited to using an FM receiver which picked up from the church’s sound system. This new approach is vastly superior. I am delighted to be able to use my hearing aids’ t-coil to hear everything in the service, often with more clarity and accuracy than even those with good hearing. For example, at a recent morning’s service I could hear clearly the words of a woman who spoke into the mike in a whisper. Attendees with normal hearing told me after the service that they could not hear her. My thanks to all who have made this enhancement to my worship experience possible.
John Procknow, MD (retired)OshkoshWIJanuary 2009I now have three rooms in my home that are equipped with loop systems and it is very gratifying to adequately hear and understand the news, sportscasts and movies once again.
Calvary Lutheran ChurchOshkoshWIFebruary 2009“Since the loop system has been installed in Calvary Church, I have been attending regularly again. I now can understand the sermons.” – Mrs. R. Oshkosh WI
Algoma Blvd United Methodist ChurchOshkoshWIFebruary 2009I am a member of Algoma Blvd. Church. What I experienced last Sunday was nothing short of a miracle. For the very first time in many, many years I was able to hear every single word said in church along with every note of music. I cannot express my thankfulness in words. It was truly one of my most memorable moments in my life and I felt “normal.” Thank you. Chris Prust – Oshkosh